Centre for Social Action – Christ University (Bangalore)

Centre for Social Action – Christ University (Bangalore)

CHF partnered with the Center for Social Action (CSA), part of Christ University, to build a community-based solid waste management system that provides door-to-door collection in the Rajendranagar slum community. Rajendranagar was previously overlooked by municipal waste management services and no service was available in and around the slum community. CSA has worked in this slum for more than 10 years on child education and setting up self help groups. Though they were completely new to solid waste management, they readily agreed to initiate this in Rajendranagar. They have demonstrated their ability to set up a community-based collection and sorting systems..
CSA’s collection system is fee-based and is operated by a community interest group of local women, making it sustainable beyond the duration of the SCALE-UP program. The initiative is designed to create new jobs for slum residents within the area of trash collection. The service fees from household collection and selling recyclable solid waste and compost provide the revenue needed to pay the salaries of the community members managing the effort, and to pay for operating and maintaining the facility. Currently the initiative serves 1,200 out of 3,400 households in Rajendranagar and is expanding to serve 2,000. An additional collection program is now being set up in a neighboring slum, Ambedkarnagar, to serve an additional 1,000 households (. Plans to expand into additional slums are being explored.
CSA also set up a paper recycling facility which employs residents of Rajendranagar slum to make paper products for institutional consumers. Motivated by this program Christ University has also initiated a “zero waste” policy on their campus. The local government has supported this program by providing land to establish sorting stations, and has signed an agreement so that CSA can continue providing solid waste management services beyond the life of SCALE-UP. http://csachristuniversity.in/


Current Impact


Current Target
1,200 households in slum receiving door-step solid waste collection 3,000 households in slum receiving door-step solid waste collection
54,000 Kg waste collected per month  135,000 Kg waste collected per month
3,000 Kg waste composted and/or recycled per month 12,750 Kg waste composed and/or recycled per month
6,000 residents directly benefiting from solid waste collection 15,000 residents directly benefiting from solid waste collection


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